(Italiano) Telling story: Kady, ribelle per andare a scuola

Little Kady was born in Burkina Faso, close to the Northern border with the Ivory Coast. Her young life begun with the impervious barrier of poverty affecting her family. Hoping to find a quieter economic condition, she followed her parents to Abidjan, but things didn’t get better.
Kady’s father is an authoritative man. He didn’t want to pay for Kady’s studies so the girl choose the easiest as much as destructive way out of poverty: prostitution.


She got pregnant, but decided to abort. In order to avoid the whole family the humiliation of a scandal, her father tried to force her into an arranged marriage with a man of sixty. Kady resisted and with immense courage she ran away from home and from that husband who she rejected with all of her might. That way she was forced to abandon her studies and return to the dark vortex of prostitution.

Torn from the street
During a night on the road, Kady met Charlotte, an operator of the association Soleterre and her life took a turn for the better. Kady told her story and the educator suggested a visit to the Welcome Center that the Association has set up for the recovery of young girls forced by poverty into prostitution.
Kady finally got to know a comfortable and safe environment, where she immediately decided to follow her life-long dream and attend a training course to become a nurse assistant.
Besides a professional career, what this young woman needed even more was to find a balance with her past and to heal the strained relationship with her family, especially with her father. Therefore, she begun a process of family reintegration.

The difficult return to the family
Psychological support was necessary for Kady and her family upon her return home. The first step was to make her mother understand that despite Kady prostituting herself, a forced marriage with a much older man could not be the solution to their problems. Instead it had actually increased the girl’s instability and sense of humiliation, forcing her to run away and live on the streets while still a minor. The second step taken by Kady’s psychologists was to convince both parents that the future of this young women could be very different from the one prospected until that moment. Kady is good willing, smart and she wants to emerge. Despite a great rigidity her father finally understood that for his daughter was important to complete her studies, as well as to choose whom to marry, just the way it should be.


A happy ending
Kady’s story is one of many experienced by the girls enrolled in a project supported by the Foundation Rita Levi-Montalcini Onlus, in collaboration with the Association Soleterre, for the recovery of thirty youths forced to prostitute for a living. Today, Kady is over her troubles, her commitment and courage were greatly compensated. She went back to live with her parents and has a diploma in Nursing. She started working at the clinic “Good Samaritan” in the city of Cocody, building a life and a future far from prostitution.