Linda Laura Sabbadini

lindaluarasabbatinilindaluarasabbatinilisab She has been the Director of the Department for social and environmental statistics at ISTAT (the Institute for Statistics) since 2011 and General Director of Istat since 2000. Working for ISTAT since 1983, Linda Laura Sabbadini led Italy through a process of radical renewal in the field of social and gender statistics, which begun in 1990 producing surveys of great social importance on the conditions and quality of life, revolutionizing information long before such issues were set as European and International standards. She also deeply renewed environmental statistics. Surveys of great complexity and relevance were conduct under her direction, building awareness on invisible issues such as violence against women, homelessness and extreme poverty, discrimination by ethnic origin and sexual orientation, the quality of life among migrants. Her innovative contribute in the field of national and international statistics on social and gender issues was awarded on March the 8th 2006 by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi who conferred her the title of Commander of the Republic. She is in charge of the ISTAT measurement of Fair and Sustainable Wellness. She was a member of prestigious groups for social and gender statistics at the United Nations and at the European Commission. Among them: the Strategic Development Group, Steering Group, Friends of the Chairs, DSS Board, Inter-agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics at the UN, Expert group on Social Statistics, the Advisory Committee of the INEGI UNODC Center of Excellence, the UNICEF Working Group on poverty and social exclusion among children. She has also served and still serves as an expert for numerous Italian committees and commissions. With Professor M.T. Salvemini she coordinates the CNEL-ISTAT Steering Committee for the measurement of progress and well-being in the Italian society. With the President of Istat she coordinates the Scientific Commission for the measurement of Wellness. She coordinates the High Level Group on gender violence data integration, as a part of the related governmental task force. She has been in charge of numerous Italian Universities’ research projects on gender and social issues. She has represented Italy in various governmental delegations, including the presentation of the CEDAW report. As a member of the government delegation she has also participated to the annual Commission on the status of women. He represented Italy in the last four ILO World Conferences on labor statistics, with a role of specific relevance on the issue of gender in labor statistics.