Scholarships in medicine and in science of education for 9 girls from Mozambique

cholarships in medicine and in science of education for 9 girls from Mozambique – p.135

Typology: instruction
Person involved 15
Local partner: Suore Missionarie Comboniane

The population of Mozambique is about twenty-two million and the birth rate average is of five children per woman. The rate keeps growing and is causing an increase of population which is estimated to reach twenty-nine million in 2020. The country lacks political and social stability, its precarious economy is mainly based on agriculture, practiced with very traditional techniques and being lowly productive. Moreover, serious shortcomings in the socio-sanitary field set longevity roughly around the age of forty-seven. Besides common diseases such as AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, malnutrition among children and pregnant women, another very serious issue is represented by the high rate of illiteracy and unemployment. Supporting women through a process of education that provides job placement, means to take an active role in the society and to promote the equality of sexes still unachieved. This project provides schooling for nine girls who live in different provinces of Mozambique. Their education has already reached advanced levels and some of them were able to access university courses in medicine and science of education, with the ability to be employed in public schools or hospitals around the country. All of the courses follow a ministerial program in Mozambique and are approved by public and private institutions. Granting education to a woman means to improve society as a whole. Despite the abject poverty and destitution in which these women live, they now have an opportunity to continue their studies and work on behalf of many, less fortunate others.


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