Scholarships for 17 young nuns from Dodoma (Tanzania)

Scholarships for 17 young nuns from Dodoma – p.134

Typology: instruction
Person involved: 17
Local partner: Associazione Amici Lumuma Onlus

Thanks to recent renovation policies and to a national unity agreement signed in July 2010, which stabilized the uncertain situation in Zanzibar, the word “change” seems to have entered people talks in Tanzania. The prospects of development are good, although the eighty percent of the population lives below the poverty line and the twenty-eight percent is illiterate. A solid school culture, along with updated practical courses, now offers seventeen nuns of the Congregation of St. Gemma Galgani Dodoma more and better opportunities to fight poverty, ignorance and disease in their own country. On a higher level of education, the schooling of these nuns, allows them to operate in the service of Tanzania’s population, making the congregation an effective protagonist. The congregation, entirely composed of Tanzanian women, works in different sectors such as health care centers, nursery schools and dispensaries in the missions, offering sewing classes, AIDS prevention and care projects, training and support for women. The congregation currently counts three hundred and fifty members, whose survival and livelihood is exclusively derived from the cultivation of the fields and from cattle breeding. Self support and independence are their inspiring principles and because of that all charitable and social activities need to be self – sustained. Unfortunately, this also complicates the study and training of the sisters, as all secondary school courses are to be payed for. Sisters will attend various levels of secondary schools in Tanzania and the subject of their studies, both technical and classical, will be chosen basing on higher education prospectives. All of them are motivated by the conviction that the future of Africa and Tanzania depends on the education of women.

Dodoma, Tanzania

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Dodoma, Tanzania -6.173056, 35.741944