What we can do for your business

The Rita Levi-Montalcini Non-profit Foundation offers companies its experience in promoting pathways of Corporate Social Responsibility, based on the principles of transparency and mutual benefit.

Over more than 12 years, numerous companies have supported the Rita Levi-Montalcini Non-profit Foundation through the financing of projects of international cooperation, education, provision of goods and services, providing expertise and professionalism, or support in terms of communication.

The chances for collaboration are numerous and all of them provide companies with a positive impact in terms of image, marketing and communication:

– Reputation improvement

– Creation of a stable and lasting relationship with consumers

– Chance to take a distinguishing position in the market

– Brand Building

– Increased legitimacy

Ideed, consumers, employees and shareholders give much value to social enterprise. A recent survey (Cone / Roper 2000) indicates that 92% of consumers have a positive image of companies that support a social cause.  We offer visibility to our partners through our media, website, social channels, events, press office, newsletter.

Contact us at info@ritalevimontalcini.org and find out how to make a collaboration with us best suited for your company.