Carried out periodically, this process involves the development of a set of information needed to assess the reliability and experience of the applicant entity and to examine all the elements that describe the project’s objectives, the means to achieve them, the costs and the possibility of monitoring the work.
A first technical selection is carried out by the Foundation’s personnel on the base of the submitted documentation, which will contain all the information and data needed for an substantive evaluation..
The Special Committee of the Board of Directors hence proceeds with the merit evaluation of the selected projects, based on a set of criteria established by the Board of Directors.
The selected and evaluated projects are then brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.
Throughout the implementation of the project and after it has been completed, an activity of monitoring is carried out according to specific deadlines and due documentation.

How we work

The Foundation raises funds from public and private donors, companies and institutions to finance projects that are carefully evaluated by the Board of Directors. This particular work involves a series of further steps
Download here icon-download the forms for project support request
The form must be completed and emailed or sent to the Rita Levi-Montalcini Non-profit Foundation, where the project will be examined and evaluated before you receive a response. POSTAL ADDRESS: Fondazione Rita Levi-Montalcini Non-profit Via Catanzaro, 9-00161 Rome (Italy) EMAIL: [email protected]
The requests must be entered no later than March 31st of every year
Funding will be provides according to the availability of disposable income of the Foundation Rita Levi-Montalcini, and disbursements will be agreed in advance.
The “tutor”, or the applicant, must provide the beneficiaries’ bank accounts and are responsible for the amounts dedicated to education or training to be dispensed by the due dates (to be set in advance).
Tutors are also responsible of the biannual reports which will be submitted to the Foundation offices for the pertaining activity of supervision. In the event that the beneficiary did not achieve satisfactory results, the scholarship disbursement may be suspended.

Please notice that the Foundation exclusively considers requests concerning the training and education of children of both sexes and young women in the African continent, with a PRIVILEDGED ATTENTION FOR PROJECTS DEDICATED TO THE SUPPORT OF GROUPS RATHER THAN INDIVIDUALS. Moreover, the Foundation reserves the right to only partially fund the proposed projects.