Providing education for 15 girls from Ouagandougou (Burkina Faso)

Providing education for 15 girls from Ouagandougou (Burkina Faso) – p.14o

Typology: instruction
Person involved: 15
Local partner: SEV Orione’84

Ouagadougou is the cultural and economic center of Burkina Faso, one of the least developed countries in the world, with the lowest schooling, longevity and per capita income rates. Women hold a subordinate position in society, which exposes them to constant discrimination, particularly in the fields of education, employment, property and domestic life. In order to grant their children a meal, many women prostitute themselves, thus running the risk of diseases. In 1997, with the intention of resolving this specific problem, the Ministère de la Promotion de la Femme was created under the leadership of a woman minister, who has been conducting capillary awareness campaigns on the issue. Such campaigns are part of a national strategy of fight against poverty, based on the socio-economic promotion of women. African women, tireless workers, are the cornerstones of family and of society, but due to a cultural attitude they never had the opportunity to access education nor to channel their personal resources into organized work activities. This project offers fifteen girls a chance to access education and hence enter the world of work. The request of support for educational development was inspired by the socio-economic status of these particularly disadvantaged girls, who are denied post-secondary education. Moreover, this intervention partly pursuits one of the Millennium Development Goals: to ensure universal primary education. UNICEF data for 2009 confirm that a baby born to a mother with three or more years of basic education has twice the chances of survival than a child born to a illiterate mother. Education increases economic growth and helps build a peaceful and stable society as well as a good governance. A poor education of women, on the other hand, has a major impact on both family and social life.

Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

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Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso 12.350000, -1.516667